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Scrunchies, walkmans, fanny packs, and switchblades. Set in a 1988 suburb, a pack of 12 year old paper route girls have have to stick together to battle and survive an alien apocalypse. Yup.


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I'm sure everyone can relate, but I love my friends. Open yourself up to creative people and it's like an ever flowing fountain of learning and inspiration! Cheesy, but oh so true. This brings me to my friend, artist Noelle. Noelle knows how much I love lingerie and brought to my attention the work of Beatice Oettinger, she makes lingerie out of plants WHAT?! Hear what this Berlin based artist had to say about her breathtaking, living creations. 

Vorfreude: The joyful anticipation of things to come. This, my friends, is the best way to describe my thoughts as I stumbled upon the “soon to be” lingerie line, Marieyat.

New site design, new post, new gal… the gorgeous Brit Manor.

I have fallen in love with the soft comfort of the Base Range lingerie line. It’s one of those brands that focus just as much on fabric as they do fit. Win win. 

Our first UD event! Hosted with the ladies from Panty Raid, complete with music, champagne, and mistletoe…

I have a small list of Hollywood starlets that I just adore. There is something about them that reminds me of the quintessential essence of being a woman. Strong and sexy. First up, Eva Mendes…

This picture inspires me to pour a glass of wine (red), light a candle, grab the latest issue of Porter Magazine, and drift off into an internal oasis.

Yep... it get's me everytime. All of these things sound SO amazing, until I'm actually there... realizing how much I despise baths. 

Anyone with me here? Read more.... 

For my next 'What to pack on your Honeymoon' series, I give you (one of my personal favs) Mountain Honeymoon Escape.

Ahhhh.... I feel relaxed already just talking about it. This tops the charts for me because of one word, COZY. It's the best state of being really. I've found some adorable (and comfortable!) lounge pieces, bra sets, and even the cutest backpack you ever did see. Click read more to continue your rustic cabin adventure... enjoy :)

UD Girls // Jen


Meet Jen. This is comfort at it’s sexiest. 

In this month's Interview Magazine, the magic of beauty and light have come to take us away. This editorial, photographed by Mikael Jansson, featuring the gorgeous Daria Werbowy, transported me to a place (or better yet a feeling) that I was so happy to connect with. True and honest beauty.