I'm sure everyone can relate, but I love my friends. Open yourself up to creative people and it's like an ever flowing fountain of learning and inspiration! Cheesy, but oh so true. This brings me to my friend, artist Noelle. Noelle knows how much I love lingerie and brought to my attention the work of Beatice Oettinger, she makes lingerie out of plants WHAT?! Hear what this Berlin based artist had to say about her breathtaking, living creations. 

The Italians just do it right. 

Quick story...

Skylight Books in Los Feliz makes me a better person. Period. I'm not kidding, every time I go into that wonderland of a store for a casual peruse, I come out with an incredible find. Yonder by Marnix Goossens. 

As a fashion illustrator in the 60's and 70's, Antonio Lopez was famous for his caught moment, journalistic approach to his art. I came across this particular image and it was love at first sight. From the colors, to the tights and the tan lines, I can't get enough. I then went down what they call a "rabbit hole" within the internet and discovered some of his earlier works, which have been praised by the likes of Andy Warhol and Karl Lagerfeld.

Check out more of his beautiful work here (as well as an intimate self-portrait).


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