Upstairs Downstairs hoiday event hosted with the ladies from Panty Raid, complete with music, champagne, and mistletoe…

This picture inspires me to pour a glass of wine (red), light a candle, grab the latest issue of Porter Magazine, and drift off into an internal oasis.

Yep... it get's me everytime. All of these things sound SO amazing, until I'm actually there... realizing how much I despise baths. 

Anyone with me here? Read more.... 

The Italians just do it right. 

Quick story...

S U M M E R   V I S U A L S.  

2 words, Vivian Maier. For ANYONE who loves photography, you have to have to buy this book. One of my amazing photographers (Pamela Littky) gave this to me for Christmas this past year and it's among my most favorite gifts. What I love so much about Vivian, is her story is so... enigmatic in a way. In fact, no one even knew she was such a talented photographer, until after she died. She was born in New York City and spent her childhood in between the city and France. She moved to Chicago as an adult and from there spent the next 40 years of her life as a nanny, all the while taking photographs on the streets of Chicago. This book titled Self-Portraits is a collection of images in which Vivian captures herself in some way, a reflection, a shadow, and yes... she took #selfies. Click below to view some of my favorite pages. 

Skylight Books in Los Feliz makes me a better person. Period. I'm not kidding, every time I go into that wonderland of a store for a casual peruse, I come out with an incredible find. Yonder by Marnix Goossens. 

Well said, a nice reminder for us all. xo

As a fashion illustrator in the 60's and 70's, Antonio Lopez was famous for his caught moment, journalistic approach to his art. I came across this particular image and it was love at first sight. From the colors, to the tights and the tan lines, I can't get enough. I then went down what they call a "rabbit hole" within the internet and discovered some of his earlier works, which have been praised by the likes of Andy Warhol and Karl Lagerfeld.

Check out more of his beautiful work here (as well as an intimate self-portrait).

Summertime. I mean how sweet is that word? I always feel so nostalgic at the start of summer and suppose it’s beauce I think of last summers events and wonder how this year will compare.

This year I’m stripping it down to the science of summer, Solstice. The word derives from those smart Roman's and their native Latin language. Sol (sun) and Sistere (to stand still). Often when juggling work, finding what’s for dinner and summer events, I forget to slow down and take in how sweet summer can be.

Stand still and soak up that vitamin D!


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