Being in the photography industry, my world is visual all day everyday. The Marieyat brand speaks my language. Browsing through the site, I was reminded of the reason I love photography: emotion. Still images can paint as descriptive a story as video.  Along with the allure of mystery, stills grant you permission to write the next chapter. I found Marieyat's look book captivating, a story in which you decide the ending.

I feel like I could spend all weekend in these pieces, and likely will.  Maria (the designer) was kind enough to answer a few questions.

UD: What brought you to the world of intimates?

Maria: Designing lingerie mainly comes from trying to fill a personal need. I have an interest in all kinds of lingerie, but I can rarely find underwear that is interesting, unconventional, and comfortable to wear everyday.

UD: Your style is so fresh and different, especially the Gtang thong with dropped bindings that cup the bottom. Did you have a specific idea in mind before designing? 

Maria: Thank you. The Gtang thong was inspired by one of my closest friends and one of our models, Gwyneth. We were lounging in her room and she had this old piece of underwear with a ripped binding on it. I couldn’t stop looking at her because it was so flattering with the binding hanging under her bottom. Then I thought, it would be interesting to recreate that. That was the starting point. Gwyneth became one of the characters who inspired the collection.

UD: How did you decide on fabrics?

Maria: Fabrics are decided based on softness and hand feeling. It is our desire to work with materials that are interesting, gentle, and natural. Particular favourites are cotton and silk.

UD: How many pieces in your first collection? And most importantly, when and where will they be available?

Maria: The first collection is around 25-30 pieces. A selection of the classic range will be available to purchase via our online store from late November. The full ss/16 collection will be introduced gradually from January 2016. Stocklists will also be announced at the start of next year.

UD: Outside of the lingerie world, what personally engages you?

Maria: I practice pole dancing in my spare time as a form of fitness. This is a challenge that allows me to push my body and at the same time, research the comfort and movement of my products.

UD: How did you and Madeleine [photographer who captured the look book] meet?

Maria: We met through friends.

UD: What is your creative process together like?

Maria: It’s very immersive. Madeleine and I are in constant communication with each other from the very start of the design process to the creation of the final collections campaign. I‘m pretty sure I’ve received more selfies of Madeleine in MY underwear than her partner has, and vice versa.

UD: What was your goal when planning your look book?

Maria: Madeleine and I both put a lot of emotion into the work, which starts finding expression in the first test shoot and reaches its natural conclusion by the time we have finished the look book. The goal when planning the look book is for these feelings to be expressed honestly, we want the mood to naturally collaborate with the product.

[And now for Madeleine, the artist that has so beautifully captured the essence of this line.]

UD: Madeleine, who are the artists that you are inspired by?

Madeleine: My hero’s are Jil Sander, Clio Barnard, and Donna Tartt.

UD: What is your goal when photographing women?

Madeleine: The photographs are always stronger if the subject and I are able to engage with one another. If the experience is on that we both enjoy and allows us to feel strengthened - whatever the result of the image, this is the starting point. I love working with women and everything I do comes from a place of deep respect.

UD: What is the next project you are working on?

Madeleine: Maria and I are planning more and more ambitious work together for the coming year and I am about to start my next photography series which will again have women at it’s centre.


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