Relaxation // Baths

Stripping the fantasy away, this is my reality every time...

-Fill the tub, which by the way takes like 20 minutes longer than I think.

-Get all my belongings together. Body towel, hand towel, candles, reading material, wine, some sort of music device. 

-Tie my hair up

-Step into the tub, but can't commit fully as the water is pretty much burning off my skin. Sooooo, feet first for like, 5 minutes

-Then legs, then sensitive area (otherwise known as your vagina) which does NOT feel good by the way. 

-Ok, so I'm in, and it's hot. Real hot. 

-My skin still feels like it's kinda on fire and I just want to get to the relaxation mode ASAP.

-I then turn on the cold water, just so I can feel my toes go back to normal temp. I then proceed to splash cold water back towards me, in hopes it drops the tub temp to a more realistic chill setting. 

-Finally it's bearable.

-Reach for my book, realize my hands are soaked.

-Reach for my hand towel to dry them off (I'm starting to sweat at this point BTW).

-Start reading, read and re-read the first page over and over again due to a variety of hurdles; body position, neck position, head position, music choice... did I mention I'm sweating at this point?

-Dry my hands again on the hand towel that I have now placed on the outer edge of the tub where the bottom half of the cloth has been submerged in the water. I change the music.

-Aaaand I'm relaxing....the sweating has subsided which I am stoked about... for 30 seconds.

-Then it's cold. 

-I drain the tub.

-I take a shower (because who takes baths to get clean anyway?)

-Get out and drip all over my reading materials, candles and laptop. 

-Emerge from the bathroom with my husband smiling at me sweetly.

-"How was your relaxing bath babe?! You needed it!"

-Um, no I didn't, because it was stressful. 

So, how do YOU relax? I need some tips on better bath habits or other methods of chilling out. 

HELP, and thank you :)



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