Valentine NYC: Your new favorite lingerie

How fitting for today right?!

Talk about feeling sexy in your own skin, these ladies nailed it. With the debut of their super comfortable (and way way sexy) lace bra and panty set (my favorite is the Garden Green Shangri-La Bra) I am already eagerly anticipating the yummyness that is sure to follow.

Feast your eyes on an inside look into the Valentine world...

Paloma and I first discovered our mutual love for lingerie while at a party in NYC a couple years back. We both had similar issues with the lack of bra choices (that were semi affordable) that were not padded, underwire or just... cheesy. Most of all, the lack of options for smaller busted gals like ourselves. It’s been amazing to witness her journey as a designer and see their passion come to fruition. Valentine is the perfect combination of romance and sass, just the way it should be.

These ladies continue to inspire with their beautifully curated blog which features couples, sexy singles and beautiful friends lounging in their happy places. It’s an intimate look into how romantic life should be, it encourages us all to embrace that! 



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