Why Lingerie MATTERS...

"The act of becoming a woman, if you are so blessed to have that be your journey, is not an easy road.   Moving through the challenges and hormonal surges as we grow and change can be fraught with strife and confusion… I still remember clearly sitting in my guidance counselors office in 8th grade and feeling torn up on the inside, completely uncertain of the feelings I was starting to have, but I was certain I knew the culprit…. Or, er, the culprits.   My boobs.

I put my head down, put my arms around my body and said, with not an ounce of sarcasm, “I just hate them.”   She was quick to tell me to embrace them, they were a part of me and I would grow to be happy and proud of them… or something to that effect, but I didn’t believe her.  To me they were the bane of my existence, boys teased me for lack of having them and then when I did suddenly have them they didn’t feel right… like sudden unwanted protrusions that I had to carry with me.  I told her I would never feel happy about them.  She smiled knowingly and even though I didn’t give her the satisfaction of immediate enlightenment in her presence, I hope she somehow knew she was wise and I’d get it someday.   

            I grew up on Long Island and my exposure to bras and panties was solely limited to the Sear’s rack and Victoria’s Secret.  I went from training bra to Miracle Bra and never thought a thing of it.  I took it as a given that bras were meant to be rimmed with wads of material that felt like memory foam.  No? There are other materials in the world with which to make lingerie?  I wasn’t aware of it. 

            I didn’t even become aware of it when I moved to Los Angeles, instead I imported my tastes for chain clothing stores with me for the first 5 or so years that I lived here. I happened upon a very fine and beautifully appointed lingerie shop during one Vegas trip that changed everything for me… and it wasn’t just the amazing attention to detail and knowledge that the saleswoman imparted, because at that moment the world of lingerie was elevated to art, but it was the ecstatic text response I received from my girlfriend, founder Megan Edwards of Upstairs Downstairs, that really opened my eyes.   The discussion of materials, what to pair with each item, the way a good piece of lingerie can make a woman feel…along with a glass of delightful champagne (it was Vegas you know) was unbelievable and it hit home even further when I was able to unveil my purchase to Megan.  Her unparalleled enthusiasm for my new gorgeous bra was a transformative moment for me.   I had been that teenage girl that wanted nothing more than to hide her femininity from the world, now suddenly I was congratulated for embracing and celebrating my body.   Megan was so passionate about the topic, so inspired by the way a beautiful piece of lingerie can elevate a woman’s spirit, it was in that moment I realized her enthusiasm was expansive, and her dream to one day pioneer a lingerie line was not solely a love of lingerie, but a love of the experience of being a woman and the desire to contribute to the journey we are all on as women."



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