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Meet Jen. This is comfort at it’s sexiest. 

After trolling through Instagram a couple of months ago, I came across a hand-dyed body suit that had me at hello. I immediately looked up the designer, Clare Bare [man do I love a good name] and contacted her to meet up as she is based in LA.


You just can't go wrong with Kiki. Disclaimer, yes this line is expensive... but it's gorgeous.

I am BEYOND thrilled to share this very special post with you. Ladies, this story emphasizes WHY I started this site, it's WHY I love what a great piece of lingerie can mean. It's so much more than just what you put on underneath clothes. I hope you find this story, by my dear friend, as inspiring and uplifting as I do. CHEERS to us, to you and to the ever-changing journey of being a woman... enjoy :)


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